Property Technology for People

Lucy Networks redefines property technology, enabling people to view and treat their premises as living ecosystems. Our system was founded to provide a people-focused solution for better quality and more efficient working and living environments. That means it finds problems in real time and — more importantly — helps solve them and create a healthier, safer, and more efficient physical space.

With the simplicity and ease of use of a smartwatch, Lucy Networks provides data and insights for everyone from the custodian to the Chairman of the Board. The IoT sensing product suite and dashboard are customizable to monitor almost anything. Our customers use them to track energy usage and identify costly inefficiencies, make sure indoor air quality is healthy, encourage employees to follow health policies, and for many other solutions.

What does our data do for you?

Our sensor data allows you to…

ex.) excess humidity near walls & ceilings
ex.) faulty motors in appliances, poor air quality
ex.) excess HVAC, lighting, & energy use
ex.) mold, broken appliances, HVAC, heaters
ex.) colds, the flu, respiratory illnesses, gastrointestinal diseases
ex.) wasteful electrical use, sick leave, repairs, poor productivity
ex.) building walls, ceilings & pipes
Your Wallet
ex.) save on energy bills, repairs & paid sick leave
ex.) lower CO2 emissions via energy use and emissions, less waste
ex.) HVAC, water heaters, machinery
ex.) children, workers, elders, yourself

How Lucy Works

Lucy Networks is an IoT-connected system that, unlike other technologies, is fully adaptable to your facility without expensive modifications.

By integrating highly secured sensing technology and software into existing facility management tools, Lucy Networks provides access to detailed but non-intrusive data via our easy-to-use dashboard.

Place Your Lucy Hub & Sensors

Install the Lucy Hub and sensors in the locations we identify within your building to effectively monitor and manage its various systems and security.

Monitor Your Building

Use Lucy to regularly monitor your building for any potential maintenance or workplace health issues.


Lucy Hub

The plug-in hub connects sensors via BLE and Thread, and to the cloud via cellular network.

Lucy Satellite Sensors

Increase the density and sensing capabilities of your system with our Satellites.

Lucy Access

Lucy's Dashboard is a powerful software that processes data, automates functions, and provides useful alerts.

In-Wall Sensor

In-Wall sensors and power meters simplify installation by integrating IAQ sensors

Increase Efficiency and Health

Lucy’s technology increases buildings energy efficiency, advances corporate ESG goals, and improves employee health through actionable insights on workplace hygiene and air quality.

The system feeds information from sensors throughout the workplace into one simple dashboard. Workers and executives alike get clear information that improves workplace sustainability and the employee experience.

Reduce OpEx & CapEx

Identify and address key inefficiencies in your property, such as excessive energy usage in certain locations and unhealthy air quality.

Achieve Human & Environmental Health Goals

Lucy helps companies monitor workforce health and hygiene,  as well as helping companies achieve energy consumption goals.

Remote Facility Monitoring

Monitor your facility and workforce from anywhere with an intuitive dashboard that puts information in the palm of your hands.

Increase Savings

You can not only save energy, but increase the health and efficiency of your workplace.

Increase Energy Efficiency by: Understanding what building locations are consuming atypically large amounts of energy.


Improve Supply Management Accuracy by: Understanding in real-time your inventories and levels of almost any appliance.


Increase Employee Hygiene by: Collecting data to make sure hand washing and other policies are being followed.


Improve Air Quality by: Real-time monitoring for changes in air quality, customized to the hazards most likely to impact your property. 

Get started

Contact our team

Contact our team and speak with one of our dedicated account managers. We will walk you through your facility needs and opportunities for increased safety and savings

Purchase your Connector

Purchase your Connector Devices and choose your monthly Lucy Access dashboard subscription level to begin protecting your facility immediately

Follow our instructional video

Upon delivery, follow our instructional videos to mount your Connectors and individual sensors around your building and our team will do the rest.

And, to maintain your devices, all you will need to do is recharge the internal battery when notified on the dashboard.

Analyze Needs & Goals

Identify opportunities to monitor your workspace or living space energy use, functionality, and wellness.

Order Lucy’s Suite of Products

Lucy helps companies monitor health as well as energy consumption goals.

Analyze & Save

Monitor your facility and workforce in the palm of your hands from anywhere.

Increase Efficiency, Safety & Savings

Lucy helps companies monitor health as well as energy consumption goals.