Lucy Access

Lucy Access is our cloud-based dashboard that allows you to monitor your facility in real-time and alert the user with useful information. Customizable and easy to use, Lucy Access is your all-inclusive dashboard for facility metrics such as energy efficiency, appliance functionality, and environmental & workforce health. Lucy Access’ unique open-source API design allows you to integrate into any pre-existing facility management system, making it easy to get precise data, in other dashboards

System Features

Configurable and customizable product suites for each building/premise and need/layout
An intuitive and powerful platform that can yield both valuable data/reports and automation capabilities
Once charged, each Satellite (data point) is assignable by the customer via computer or cell phone to a location and function within the platform’s unit layout
LUCY’s product suite uses an open-source API and is able to integrate with other building
management platforms/SW solutions
Battery/USB/Wall Plug
IAQ: control the basic air quality of any premise
IAQ Pro: control the air quality of any premise with broader substance detection
Noise: detect noise and sound levels
Flux: Elect. Motor On/Off
Accelerometer: detect devices' usage, dispensed substance quantity & shortage, and malfunctions/anomalies

Ordering Procedure

Increase Efficiency, Safety & Savings

Lucy helps companies monitor health as well as energy consumption goals.